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Altitec Academy

Altitec Academy is a leading GWO Blade Repair training provider for rotor blade inspections and repair services. Our unique hands-on courses are backed by over a decade of wind industry experience and are run by experienced rotor blade technicians and engineers at training centres in Newhaven, Cape Town and Ballarat.

As the wind industry grows, skilled rotor blade technicians will continue to be in high demand. Wind turbines must operate to a high standard to meet the growing energy demand, and our trainees learn the foundational skills required to perform and document blade repair correctly. You will learn various skills from repairs to rotor blade surfaces leading and trailing.

We have teamed up with Belay Rope Access to provide course packages to qualify GWO Blade Technicians at affordable price compared to booking each course individually. The more complete packages are the most value for money options, check all our packages before booking. No more booking of expensive individual courses.

At Altitec Academy, we promote equal opportunity in blade careers by assisting and supporting women and minorities to get the training required to work in this industry.