Servicing Rotor Blades

for a changing world. We understand them, we inspect and repair them. We care for them and apply
the latest blade access technologies for their conversation and Maintenance.
We qualify GWO Blade Repair Technicians.

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Altitec is an independently operated, respected global specialist wind turbine blade inspection and repair business headquartered in London. Since 2008, Altitec blade technicians have delivered more than 20,000 man-hours on hundreds of wind turbines in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Spanish Americas.

We offer rotor blade services and comprehensive engineering services. Our blade experts inspect and repair wind turbine rotor blades by drones, telescopic lenses, the latest rope access techniques or blade access platforms.

We run GWO-certified training for wind turbine blade repair technicians to support the wind industry's growth and the continuous need for wind turbine blade inspection and repair technicians. We are an industry-certified GWO training provider, distributor, training and service partner for market-leading vertical access systems.