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Altitec is a global specialist, delivering wind turbine rotor blade inspection and repair services using drones, telescope, and specialist rope-access technologies.

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Advanced rope access
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Since 2008, Altitec has supported the growth of European wind energy, pioneering advanced rope access methods for wind turbine rotor blade repair. Our team of more than 75 technicians and engineers have in excess of 10,000 hours experience delivering blade repair engineering services and technical expertise, completed across four continents.

Combining blade repair engineering services with onsite technical support from Altitec’s expert team, we work incredibly efficiently across a diverse fleet of wind assets ranging in size from a few MW to more than 400MW for an average wind offshore wind farm, Altitec manages repairs for turbines of all ages, from those that have been operating for more than 15 years, right up to the most recently installed machinery.

Our industry-accredited approach, uses the most sophisticated access technologies – including ground based telescopic blade scanning technologies, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs or drones), the ActSafe powered rope ascender system and Käufer rotor blade access platforms – and is proven to maximise the impact of limited service windows and deliver high quality blade repairs and rotor blade inspection reports.

Altitec's flexible and reliable service forms the basis of longstanding relationships with major manufacturers, asset owners and wind farm operators in markets around the world.

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