The demand for renewable energy is here now and promises to grow rapidly over the next few decades.

It is clear that the world cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels to feed our energy needs. Many businesses and governments are investing in cleaner alternatives, and wind is one of the best-preferred sources of this power.

With reliance on wind increasing, the need for high-quality wind turbine blade inspections and repairs will also explode. There has never been a better time to start a career as a blade repair technician.

There are tons of potential jobs and training opportunities available for those ready to make a move.

How much can a Blade Repair Technician Earn

Beginning salaries

As with any industry, wages will vary greatly depending on your experience, the company you work for, and the position you are awarded.

It can help to know what the national average is for different turbine blade inspection and repair roles. This knowledge will help guarantee a position that pays you fairly for your labour and skills.

Starter salaries in wind turbine technician jobs may not be the highest, but they are completely reasonable for those just entering the field.

For those wind turbine blade repair technicians beginning in the offshore industry, initial wages are usually between £25,000 and £35,000 per year.

Earn more as you progress

The more experience you gain working as a wind turbine repair technician, the higher your wage potential will rise.

On average, experienced technicians can expect salaries between approximately £50,000 and £70,000. With such attractive earning potential, it is no wonder that more and more people are becoming interested in careers within the industry.

What’s more, unlike certain other high earning potential roles, you won’t need to work crazy hours. Most estimates put average workweeks at 37 to 40 hours for a trained turbine technician.

This combination of reasonable work expectations and desirable wages draw many individuals into the industry. And if that wasn’t enough to turn heads, the prospect of exciting outdoor work in beautiful and often remote locations convinces many more to take a closer look at wind turbine blade repair technician career and jobs.

Blade Repair Technician

Upper salary limits

You should know that while most experienced technicians land gigs paying up to £70,000 a year, there is no cap.

If that sky-high earning potential appeals, be prepared to keep training. Those that make the most money are highly skilled and often go one step further to stay up-to-date and advance their training whenever they get the chance.

Independent contractors

Hourly, independent contractors tend to earn significantly more than their full-time colleagues. But bear in mind, as a self-employed individual, you may go periods (as long as a few months at a time) without work.

So while the day rates are excellent, you must be willing to sacrifice a certain amount of job security as an independent turbine blade inspection and repair technician.

Check out Altitec for more information and training that will get you on your way.

Independent contractors

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